4 Major Projects included

Complete MERN Stack is divided into 18 courses with Indepth Coverage topics

15+ Mini Projects

These are reusable projects which you can make use of it throughout your career. Every Month new Projects are added

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A doubt or a question while studying ?

No Problem :-), We got you covered.

When you purchase the membership you will also get your trainer mobile number whom you can contact directly anytime.

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Team Members

Unlike Udemy or other counterparts; at felight you will never be alone. When you take membership here we will connect you with other like minded knowledge seekers and form a team of 4.

Community Based Learning

A dedicated groups in our website will allow you to share your work progress and get inspired by your team members work.

QA Forum

Dedicated Questions and Answers forum will always be there for your support. Tons of questions including previous interviews challenges are also answered.

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